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Nov 6

Cam-Sites Day

  • TBA

Nov 7

Romanian Day Topics

  • Teleworking
  • Unlocking the truth about record sales
  • Recruitment – Myths and Facts
  • Large Studio equal MANY models or BIG incomes?
  • Penalties – between Reality and Fiction;
  • Studios jointventure: Advantages and Disadvantages
  • How to choose the right people to work/collaborate with.
  • How to choose clothes, makeup, how to look your best according to your body/face shape!
  • What kind of model you want to be?
  • Models’loyalty
  • Unfair competition
  • Job Ads – between Reality and Fiction
  • Fetish
  • Videochat performance
  • Trainers & Training
  • Release or not
  • Traffic, SEO, Marketing
  • Full legalization of videochat activity
  • The best times to be online
Infinity Telecom
A professional internet provider specialized in the online entertainment industry. Since 2011, we’ve been offering studios high-speed and stable connections for better performance, less downtimes and fewer problems. As we’ve been growing up with most of our clients, their success is our success. And we want to keep it that way.