Dragos Costea

Dragos Costea

A thriving business man for more than a decade! Worked for 7 years in a multinational insurance company as a National Corporate Manager and Regional Sales Manager where he led over 1.500 employees.

Accomplished to develop and lead the company to the highest grossing direct sales company in Romania 2007 in the insurance field, later on winning the award of “The most profitable Romanian company in 2010”. The award was recognized and handed by the mayor. Beside the main experience from the insurance company, he also managed and owned a well-known restaurant and night club from Bucharest. In the beginning of 2013 realized that the business principles that he applied this past years to grow the insurance company, can be applied in growing any other business to success.

This way he decided to use the same pattern in adult business and open his own Cam Studio. Now, in less than three and a half years, Charm Group owns over 200 employees in 6 different locations in Bucharest. Charm Group is the first Live Cam Company in Romania where all the activity revolves around corporate management standards. Through this model of work organization, Live Cam industry becomes credible and serious as any other kind of business.

Being fully respectful towards models and collaborators has been the basis on the belief that everyone deserves a chance to provide themselves a better life. The company promotes absolute lawfulness, appreciation for femininity and supports work rewarding accordingly to merits. Due to corporate experience of its managers, Charm Group invests in work trainings aimed at personal motivation an improvements of employees. Therefore, it is not by accident that Charm Group became no. 1 in specialized Live Cam Training in Bucharest.

This business and life philosophy is also shared every day to each Live Cam model. They are encouraged to carefully manage their earnings, to study and to spread kindness around them. It is one of the reasons why Charm Group models are very loyal to the company and happy to make money in the best Live Cam Studios in Bucharest. I strongly believe that Live Cam industry has a bright future ahead and Charm Group will be one of its leading players. “I started by managing people to build relationships that create value for the business.”

Infinity Telecom
A professional internet provider specialized in the online entertainment industry. Since 2011, we’ve been offering studios high-speed and stable connections for better performance, less downtimes and fewer problems. As we’ve been growing up with most of our clients, their success is our success. And we want to keep it that way.