Studios awards

17th December

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Shine with your STAR

Every studio has its star. Make her shine at BCAMS Studios Awards! So you can shine together.

BCAMS Studio Awards is a transparent, equidistant and honest event, absolutely unique in the live cam industry. Its purpose: to bring into the spotlight the best model from each studio, its CamStar!

This is our way of revealing the most shining models, bringing them national and international recognition of work, performance and value. And also to the studios.

No matter of its size, fame or financial power, every studio has the chance to shine together with its CamStar at BCAMS Studio Awards.

BCAMS Studios Awards 2019 its sponsored by

Infinity Network
A professional internet provider specialized in the online entertainment industry. Since 2011, we’ve been offering studios high-speed and stable connections for better performance, less downtimes and fewer problems. As we’ve been growing up with most of our clients, their success is our success. And we want to keep it that way.